Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meeting Fredbird


One of the things I was looking forward to while my hubby was gone was getting some crafting time.  With my son home sick for 2 days, this just hasn't happen.  So this morning, I declared a little Mama Sanity time!

I've had these photos sitting on my craft table for a few months.  I keep trying to fit these into different sketches, but nothing worked.  So today, I just went for it!  I'm still working on my confidence of doing pages without the safety net of a sketch.  In the end, I'm happy with how this came out.  The hardest thing for me was to incorporate a signed picture of Fredbird that my son received on a visit from Fredbird to his preschool.  So I gave up trying to put it on the page, and "hid" it on the envelope behind the picture of my hubby and son with the Cardinals' mascot.  I will also be putting more journaling in the envelope, including how Fredbird "dissed" me because I was wearing a Dodger shirt (in the most funny way possible!).

I am still hoping to sneak a little more craft time in tonight.  I still have some projects I want to finish around the house before hubby gets back from his trip.


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  1. I hear you on the sketches thing! So intimidating to "free style" anymore. BUT you should know that this page is full of some awe. Here's to hoping you get that crafty time in tonight!