Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kiwi Lane Tip Time Tuesday

Today was my turn to do a Tip Time Tuesday project on Kiwi Lane Designs' blog, featuring paper from Quick Quotes.  We were given paper from Stowaway, Crackled Rose and Summer Breeze to work with.  For today's project, I worked mainly with Stowaway...though I have plans for the other papers as well!

If you follow this blog, you know how I love Kiwi Lane templates for how easy and quickly they make putting together a layout.  They really help to see what it is going to look like before you make your first cut of paper.  Did you also know you can use them as a guide for stitching and embellishments?  Here are a couple quick tips for you on achieving this.

As I was laying out all the templates, I loved how Floral 3 became a focal point, and a perfect spot to add a little bling.  I mean, a girl has to have a little bling, right?!?  In the end, I changed up my layout from the framing stage, but Floral 3 stayed right where it was!

Tip 1: Using the Templates as a Guide for Embellishments:
We usually trace our templates on paper and proceed to cut them out.  In this case, I grabbed my silver pen and traced the template directly on to the background paper.  Using different shades of orange gems, I highlighted the flower shape.  It becomes a focal point, without overwhelming the page. 
Here are a few other layouts I've made using the templates as embellishment guides:

For this one, I used Cascade Trails 3A to add the jewels for just that little spot of sparkle.

I traced Rings 3 to make the circle on the side and then added Martha Stewart Candy Dots to pull all the colors together.

Tip 2: Using the Templates as a Stitching Guide:


Cascade Trails is probably one of my favorite border sets.  I love the beach and love taking pictures while we are there, including the picture I am working with on this project (from a cruise I was on in 2006).  The curves in Cascade Trails become easy wave templates for these pictures.  I love the movement in the Stowaway paper, but I wanted to highlight the water feel a little more.  So I decided to use Cascade Trails 3A as a stitching guide.  As you can see in the middle picture, I traced the template, and followed with pencil line with my paper piercer – and away I went with the stitching.  An hour later, I had an extra layer of waves added to my page.

And this is the final layout! 


What I used:
Quick Quotes Stowaway 100, 300, 400
Quick Quotes Summer Breeze 300

Kiwi Lane Design Templates:
Accents 2
Floral 3
Cascade Trails 2A, 2B, and 3A
Paisley Place Mini 1A and 1B
Tiny Wildflower: 4T and 6T

Please note, this will probably be the ONLY time you will see me pointing to my belly on a layout.  I was 5 months pregnant with my first at the time this picture was taken, which was actually part of the point of this layout.
I hope I’ve inspired you to grab your templates and use them as not just a guide to cut paper, but as a guide for adding some embellishments (and stitching) to your page. 
Be sure to check back tomorrow for a little "Celebration" giveaway.  If you aren't a follower, today might be a good day to become one!  ;-)

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