Monday, April 2, 2012

PGC #5

Is this really our 5th Paper Girls Challenge?  It feels like just yesterday we were just talking about starting a blog.  And now here we are with our 5th challenge - a recipe challenge (or as I call it, a Melodee challenge, since she used to issue these number challenges on the Scrapbook Steals site). 

Here is the "recipe" for this challenge:

1 Photo
2 Journaling Cards
3 Different Ribbons/Trims/Twine
4 Stamped Images
5 Non Paper Embellishments
(Brads, Buttons etc...)

6 Words in the Title

Thank you Melissa Dehne's for the marvelous MidWeek Mojo sketch at Scrapbook Steals.  It was fun to work with your sketch to complete this recipe.

Here is how I followed the recipe:

1 Photo - that one is pretty obvious
2 Journaling Cards - where my actually journaling is, as well as the date ticket
3 Different Ribbons/Trims/Twine - red and green polka dot ribbon and the yellow twine flower
4 Stamped Images - 4 white snowflakes on the right side
5 Non Paper Embellishments - 2 snowflake brads at the end of the ribbon and 3 red brads in the strip of tickets

Well, I thought I had all 6 elements, until I was typing up this post up.  Oops, the title was supposed to be "And The Party Keeps Going On".  Glad that was just the bonus.  ;-)

I know all of us can't wait to see what you come up with for this challenge.  Remember to post your links on our blog for a chance to win a great prize!  We all know that sometimes it is hard to finish a challenge by a deadline. So if you finish one late, feel free to post it to our Facebook page any time. Make sure to let us know which challenge it was for!


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